Heart Smiles

     “Mom, look at this beautiful leaf, isn’t it pretty?” Madilyn stormed into the bathroom (because moms never get peace). I looked down at the ugliest dead leaf, filled with holes, and had to laugh. “Yes, it’s beautiful,” I said (because that’s what you do). As I continued to get ready, she would burst in adding dead leaves to a pile excited about “another one” as she told me what made each perfect. And then she did it.  I felt her arms wrap around me and her sweet voice, “Mommy, did I make your heart smile?” Oh, Madi, you did, so much.

     These past few months I’ve gotten more lessons from a 6-year-old than any classroom could have taught me. She continues to pick me every “flower” aka weed she sees on our daily walks and is as excited as the time before every time she hands one to me. Yesterday, she came running down the street with her hands behind her back yelling at me to close my eyes. I was required not to open them until she counted down from 3. With pride, she held up a bunch of little white flowered weeds, roots and all. Our walk continued, she found another white flowered weed, “doesn’t it look like a snowflake?” then decided to go inside. I returned to work at my desk and saw my “flowers” in a black Gatorade bottle acting as a vase. She couldn’t reach the glass ones, so she found a way to make her vision work.

     The thing about 6-year-olds is they only see the beauty. They don’t see the holes, the weeds, and other imperfections. Lately, there have been a lot of stressful days and days of uncertainty. But, no matter what, Madi finds the best way to remind me there is beauty in every one of those days. Even on days I feel like I can’t breathe, she finds a “flower” or a special note. She finds a way to make my heart smile. Since the day I received the most beautiful leaf ever, I’ve looked back at the picture many times to remind me what a 6-year-old taught me. Every day, find some beauty even in the darkest of places, find a way to make your heart smile, and make sure that you return the favor. 

     I hope your day is filled with beauty, even in unlikely places, and your heart smiles.

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