Newsflash! I found another grocery app!

I’m not sure if I’ve been living under a rock for a few months or what, but one of my favorite coupon sites is now an APP where you can get grocery cash back! has always been a favorite place to print my coupons from, but now you can do everything from your phone, no printing needed!

Download the free “” app, create a login and get started. Choose your store and add coupons from your phone. For many grocery stores like Acme and Food Lion and stores such as Walgreens, you can link your customer loyalty card, no scanning required! The cash will automatically go to your account as long as your loyalty card is used at the store and you clicked the coupons. Other stores still require scanning, but hey, you already do that now for the other apps, right?!

If you haven’t read how to optimize your grocery savings with apps, the see my original post below! Many of the apps in the article include first-time bonuses if you use the links.

I now am in the habit of scanning my receipt after I unload the groceries. It’s part of my routine. To make things easier, I keep all of my receipt apps in one “square” of my phone so they apps are together. The best thing is, you can scan a receipt into multiple apps and get sometimes get money back from multiple places for the same item!

Happy shopping and Happy saving!

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