Beat The Gas Price Increases This Summer!

This past winter, I decided to see what the GetUpside app is all about.  GetUpside is an app that gives money back on gas purchases at gas stations across the country.  Want to get in on the Cash Back Fun? Visit your app store, download the app, and enter code BR5H4 to earn 15 cents/gallon back on your first purchase. Read on to learn more about my personal review.

Even with living in a rural area, we’ve found gas stations that are included near us and on our way to some of our favorite locations.  My husband has become even more of a believer as he heads to a more urban area for work (he has already earned close to $100 in a few months).

Wherever you are, you can look on the app to find a location that gives cash back near you. Choose that gas station, then after your visit, scan your receipt.  The cash back appears in your account in 24 hours or less. You can cash out at any time and voila! Extra money!

The second money maker with GetUpside is the ability to earn from referrals.  Every time someone you recommended uses the app, you will see a kickback. Who doesn’t love making money without even lifting a finger?

Interested in trying GetUpside? Right now, use code BR5H4 and get 15 cents/gallon cash back at participating locations.  The only way to download GetUpside is through the app store on your cell phone.  

Summer is the season for driving, start saving money now. I am personally keeping my account full as a side Christmas stash! 🙂

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