Maximize Savings When Shopping online

As a busy mom, I do most of my shopping online and when I do, not only am I looking for the best deal, but also the best way to maximize my savings.  Before shopping you first want to sign up at Ebates  Once signed up, you go through the site and search for the website where you want to do your shopping.  You will find cash back offers that are automatically credited to your account when you purchase through the ebates website.  You get a check quarterly which is amazing! In two years I’ve earned over $1000 cash back.

Additionally, download the Join Honey extension.  This extension automatically searches for the best deal codes at checkout.  They also regularly offer bonus “gold” of up to $10 back for purchases to certain online retailers.

Next, sign up on Raise for discounted gift cards.

So here’s the bet way to save money.  Go to your website for your desired item. At checkout, run Honey.  Also, go through ebates. Pick whichever gives the most cash back.  Go to Raise and buy a discounted gift card for the store you are going to check out through. Raise also regularly emails about codes that discount the gift cards even more!  Publisher tip:  go through ebates to buy the raise gift cards!  You will get cash back twice!

Happy Shopping!


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