My Passion Planner Review

For someone who needs everything planned ahead of time and hates the unexpected… planners are life. I researched for a new planner that could help me organize both home life, family commitments and my work from home tasks and I think I found it!

Cue the Passion Planner. I have noticed that in order to be efficient, especially when I’m home with a toddler, that time blocking is key. Time blocking is when you set aside blocks of time to particular tasks and stick to it! This could be before your kids get up, when they go to bed, during nap time, or any other time you can etch out of your day.

With my husband’s crazy rotating schedule, no day is the same and time blocking the week out is how I’m starting to get my own “routine.”

The Passion planner not only comes in three sizes (I like the largest) but has both monthly views and weekly views. The weekly view has times for the blocking and places for weekly professional and personal goals. There are also plenty of inspiring quotes, places to write your daily focus and reflect on the week. At the end of each month is also a guide to help you reflect and then refocus on the month ahead.

Remember how I said this year my word is intention, I think this is my key to staying accountable. I’m already more intentional with my time and also allowing for the flexibility needed for life with kids (such as it’s January and everyone keeps getting sick!)

Finally, at the end of the planner are SO MANY blank pages for notes and reminders. I actually feel that for once I have a planner with plenty of space for all of my needs.

While I recognize that some may think that a paper planner is “old school,” there is something about writing down your tasks and goals that really cements them in your mind and helps you to commit to seeing them through.

Do you use the Passion Planner? Or are you thinking of ordering it? Tell me what you think! Right now, Amazon has all three sizes in black for less than the actual company website so with prime shipping, that is a deal!

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2 Replies to “My Passion Planner Review”

  1. I thought about purchasing the Passion Planner but stuck with the Happy Planner. I like the scrapbooking feeling I get from it. I am glad you like it, I might get it next year.

    1. That was the other one I kept researching and going between! We will have to compare notes at the end of the year!

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