How I (Sorta) Justify my Dunkin’ Habit

Obviously the best way to save money is to eat at home and that includes making your  morning caffeine before leaving…but where’s the fun in that?  With three kids and a teaching day that starts at 7:20, sometimes I need a pick me up.  Even with my morning tea, I still never pay full price.

First of all, if you are a regular Dunkin goer… and I mean 4 times a year or more, download the Dunkin app to earn points to a free drink reward.  You also can link your card to automatically add funds to the app.

Second, download the app “Drop.”  Use code u9qab and earn $1 reward to start!  With Drop, you link your credit cards (I know this is uncomfortable for some, but I’ve never had an issue and most credit cards come with fraud protection now…and if you don’t have one that does, you need to switch!).   Use the same credit card you linked to your Dunkin app.

When using Drop, you automatically earn points towards rewards when making purchases on the linked credit card.  Most popularly, Dunkin and McDonalds are on there and if you have kids… you probably spend a fair amount of evenings at that drive-thru.   Additionally, you can shop online through this app.  I use another app for online shopping, which I’ll discuss in a future post, but Drop has this perk as well.  Drop also offers bonus ways to get extra points to add to your ‘bank.’  In about 5 months, I’ve earned $23 in rewards which I’ve turned in for gift cards to amazon for Christmas shopping 🙂

Don’t forget to take a picture of your receipt in Coinout to earn some more pennies back!

Finally, on your receipt, there is a survey. It takes 30 seconds and you earn a free donut!  Free calories don’t count, right?!


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